Ruckie Option 3: Opposition

Option 3: Opposition

Quantitative: We tag the game, so you don’t have to

Tag Player Actions:

  • Ruckie will tag each player interaction in the game related to ball
  • Each action is based on a training technique, helping coaches identify where they are spending most of their time during the game. Helping coaches and players to identify what they are doing during the games and better prepare for training
  • Ruckie tags the game in a standardized way. Allowing players and coaches to quickly understand and improve using Ruckie’s platform

Ruckie Coaching Access:

  • Ruckie’s Coaching Access gives coaches access to their teams analysis and video clips on any device
  •  Coaching Access gives coaches the ability to review individual player or a team performances
  • Coaching Access gives coaches to review progress throughout the season
  • Coaching Access allows coaches to do comparisons between teams or players. Allowing coaches to make better decisions when coaching or picking a team

Ruckie Player Access:

  • Players can access their own analysis and video clips on any device
  • Players can identify exactly what skills they using during matches and help identify what they need to improve on

Ruckie Video Playback:

  • Users have ability to watch game actions using any device
  • Filter activity
  • Edit clip length
  • Continues play
  • Loop play

Qualitative Analysis: Providing players and coaches with an accurate way of measuring performance

Rate Player Actions

  • Grade each action based on players decision making, body position and outcome
  • Teams identify team and player strengthens and weaknesses
  • Allow teams and individuals to measure performances week on week. Allowing to identify if improving or not
  • Analysis provided at team, player, position or skill set
  • Teams and players can measure year to date progress like never before

Team Game Analysis: Providing coaches with analysis related to the most recent game

  • Game information
  • Competition information
  • Squad information
  • Number of actions
  • Team overall score

Lineout Success: Ruckie provides teams with not just the success of a teams lineout. But specific information related to the entire lineout. Helping coaches get a better understanding of what is working and what is not.

  • Lineout success
  • Throw quality
  • Lift quality along with which players are involved
  • Jump quality along with which players are involved
  •  Defence lineout quality

Game Complexity: Ruckie helps teams identify what type of game plan a team plays. Improving the quality of your team allows teams to increase the complexity of the game

  • Low: Less than 1.1 passes per breakdown
  • Medium: 1.2 – 1.7 passes per breakdown
  • High: 1.8+ passes per breakdown

Strength and Conditioning Analysis: Ruckie provides real game information that can help coaches and SNC coaches better prepare for games. Introducing skilled based drills and training based on game data

  • Actual game minutes: Ruckie only takes actual game time into consideration. From when the ball goes into play and goes out of play
  • Average time of ball in play (in seconds): This information allows coaches to organize training drills that are based on real game information
  • Longest play (in seconds): Identifying the longest play will help teams identify how long their longest drill should be
  • Total number of breaks: Helps coaches to cut training up into accurate drills that resemble game information
  • Total number of game actions: This is the total number of player instances in the game. Allowing teams to identify if their teams tempo is improving or not

Opposition: Helping teams take advantage of your oppositions strengthens and weaknesses

Opposition Analysis: By providing Ruckie with video of your opposition, we can identify they style of play of your opposition. Helping you break them down and better prepare of the game. A Ruckie employee will walk you through this process, helping coaches identify what is the best approach leading up to the game

  • Oppositions strengths and weaknesses
  • Top ball carriers
  • Worse tacklers
  • Lineout analysis, helping you identify where your opponents are most likely to go in the game

Rucking accuracy: Helping teams identify what the quality of a teams breakdown is like

  • Rucking accuracy
  • Top/ bottom rucking performances
  • First to rucking accuracy
  • Second to ruck accuracy
  • Third to ruck accuracy
  • Forth+ rucking accuracy

Phase Play Analysis: Providing teams with weekly data related to phases. Allowing coaches to identify if a teams concentration is improving or not

  • Attack phase analysis
  • Defence phase analysis
  • Attack/ defence %

Turnover Analysis: Helping teams identify where most of their turnovers are coming from

  • Number of turnovers
  • What skills need improving to reduce the number of turnovers

Bespoke dashboards: Ruckie will provide teams with analysis based on feedback from coaches