Ruckie Analytics is a rugby statistics and video play back provider. Send us a video of your game and we will do the rest. Ruckie uses state of the art software to tag game footage, calculate the data and provide it back to players and coaches in an easy to understand way.

The data Ruckie provides to teams is designed to help players and coaches better understand the game they love. Our platform will allow clubs and teams from all over the world to use state of the art video analysis, player stats, match reviews and more. Our aim is to allow clubs of all sizes to train better, play harder and come together like never before.

Endorsements: Ruckie helped Belvedere College to their second Leinster Senior Cup win. Belvedere used Ruckie throughout the season, helping coaches and players develop  together to preform to the highest level.

Stephen Gibbson, Belvedere SCt Team Manager. “As a coach, you might have a hunch about a player, but now, with Ruckie, you have the numbers to back it up”

Phil Werahiko, Belvedere SCT Head Coach. “Ruckie provided specific measures not available in other software options. The value of the details clarifies the quality of player actions and the effectiveness of teamwork.

Goodhart’s Law: “Once you measure something, it changes”

Ruckie Analytics. Contact us at info@ruckie.com